Microsoft's new Bing chat feature exposed, using natural language to control the Edge browser

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Microsoft's Bing search engine recently launched a surprising new feature that allows users to interact with Bing in natural language through the chat mode to control the Edge browser. This means that users no longer need to use the mouse or keyboard to browse the web, just input or speak their intentions, and Bing can help complete various tasks, such as opening tabs, searching for information, bookmarking URLs, translating text, etc. .

This new feature is developed based on Microsoft's artificial intelligence technology and natural language understanding capabilities. The purpose is to improve the user's search experience and efficiency, so that users can obtain the information and services they need more easily and quickly. It is reported that this feature currently only supports two languages, English and Chinese, and can only be used on the Edge browser. Users can initiate a chat mode and have a conversation with Bing by clicking the chat icon next to the Bing search box.

Microsoft said that this new feature is still in the beta stage, and there may be some imperfections or errors, and users are welcome to provide feedback and suggestions. Microsoft also stated that they will continue to improve and optimize this function, and develop more chat scenarios and functions, so that Bing will become the most intimate and intelligent search partner for users.