Intel and Accenture join hands to create an open-source AI reference toolkit, empowering multi-industry deployment of artificial intelligence

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Recently, the global leading semiconductor manufacturer Intel announced a collaboration with one of the world's largest consulting companies, Accenture, to jointly launch 34 open-source AI reference toolkits. These reference toolkits aim to simplify and expedite the work of data scientists and developers in deploying artificial intelligence.

Each open-source AI reference toolkit includes model code, training data, instructions for setting up machine learning pipelines, as well as libraries and oneAPI components. Moreover, these toolkits are not only suitable for local deployment but also optimized for AI in cloud and edge computing environments, enhancing usability.

According to Intel, these open-source AI reference toolkits can meet the needs of various industries, including consumer goods, energy and utilities, financial services, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, retail, and telecommunications. For instance, some toolkits can be used in scenarios such as visual quality inspection, enterprise conversational AI chatbots, predictive asset health analysis, medical imaging diagnosis, and document automation.

Currently, these open-source AI reference toolkits are available for free download through Intel's website or GitHub. Intel stated that they will continue to update and improve these toolkits based on community feedback and contributions.