ENS launched the AI ​​robot "NickGPT" to conduct intelligent dialogues with users

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ENS (Ethereum Name Service) is a decentralized domain name service based on Ethereum, which allows users to use easy-to-remember domain names to access cryptocurrency addresses, websites and other network resources.

Recently, ENS announced the launch of an AI robot called "NickGPT", which is based on OpenAI's text generation technology ChatGPT, which can have intelligent conversations with users, answer various questions, and even write poems, codes and stories. ChatGPT is a free text generation AI newly released by OpenAI, which can generate human-like text based on short text prompts and improve productivity. 23ChatGPT utilizes OpenAI's latest language model, GPT-4, which can write more naturally and fluently than previous models.

“NickGPT” is an example application created by the ENS team to demonstrate the possibilities of its domain name service, users can access and communicate with the robot through the domain name nickgpt.eth.

The ENS team stated that "NickGPT" is an interesting experiment designed to demonstrate that ENS domain names can be used to connect to any type of network resource, including AI bots. They also stated that "NickGPT" does not represent the views or positions of ENS or OpenAI, nor does it guarantee the accuracy or safety of its output.

It is reported that "NickGPT" has attracted the attention and attempts of many users. Some users praised its intelligence and fun, and some users put forward suggestions and suggestions for improvement.